Reading With Star: Nelo’s Wynter by Roux Cantrell

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Nelo’s Wynter

The Elementals series
Book 1
Story By: Roux Cantrell
Cover design: Pretty In Ink


Wynter’s an ex-soldier for the vampire nation wanting to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Nelo’s a hybrid-demon assassin with a reputation as a lady’s man.

Centuries ago, they fell into like with each other and after a night of passion woke up mated.

Now Wynter’s stuck in the Paris catacombs with someone chasing her and the one person that can help her out is her long-lost mate, Nelo.

Can two overly stubborn people find common ground while running for their lives? Will a repeat of their mating night remind them how great they are together, or will they kill one another before they can find out?

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@copywritten by Author Roux Cantrell

Grabbing the whisky bottle and one of the discarded glasses, Wynter dropped down onto the leather sofa. The damn thing probably cost more than anything she owned. Pouring the burning liquid, she kicked back, placing her boot-clad feet onto the coffee table. She wrinkled her nose as Nelo came over to grab the bottle. She couldn’t help herself. “Do you smell that?”
Nelo knocked Wynter’s feet off his coffee table. “What?”
“Smoke and burned flesh.”
Wynter stifled a laugh as he growled, walking across the room, putting distance between them. Wasn’t her fault he refused to leave her be. He’d have to tie her to him if he wanted her to stay—and then she would just cut herself free.
“I need a shower.”
The thought of a naked Nelo had her smirking. “Go for it.” She watched him over the rim of her glass.
Did she think he’d leave her sitting alone in the living room? “Let’s go.”
Holy hell, was he asking her to shower with him? “Go where?”
“I’m not leaving you out here… alone.” To run away again.
“I’m not showering with you.” He unbuckled his belt and pulled it through, loop by loop. As it swished from its resting place, she crossed her legs, refusing to allow herself to be turned on. No matter what, she had her pride. Her dignity.
Fuck that. If he offered, she was taking it. It had been way too long, and he was the only male she could sleep with. Swallowing the whisky, Wynter let her eyes drift over Nelo’s lean, well-muscled body. His jeans hung low on his hips, showing off the V every woman loved to dream about. Pressing the glass against her lips again, Wynter thought about running her tongue down those veins. She might not have the actual experience, but she’d seen some salacious porn in her day.
The pretty blush that crept up her neck gave his mate away. Yeah, she liked the thought of showering together. “Are you sure?”
He’s nuts if he thinks I’m that easy. “Is that your way of convincing me?”
Stepping toward Wynter, he watched as she rubbed the glass against her lips, making her sexier than she already was. “You offered earlier.” Those full lips and light eyes made his blood heat up and head straight to his cock. If she looked down, she would be red.
“That I did. Maybe I changed my mind.” He prowled toward her. If he kissed her, she was done for. The belt dropped next to her on the sofa as he leaned in, bracketing her body with lean muscular arms.
Biting back a moan, Wynter tried leaning away as he nudged her head to the side. Sharp fangs scraped the vein along her neck. “Fuck it.” She reached up, shooting her hands into his hair, tangling her fingers in its length, dragging his mouth to hers. He halted the movement and looked into her eyes like he could see every single thing, telling her to make sure.
She smashed her mouth to his, wanting to know the feel of him again, even if when it was over, she would leave him behind.

Note From Star:

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of Nelo’s Wynter. Please consider clicking the link above and grabbing a copy of this book.

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