Weekly Game Chat: April 4th, 2023

This week I have basically been taking it easy on this game. I’ve gotten on and played, but not really fully invested my time into it. I’ve even missed the markets on some days. I can say that the first third generation has been born onto my island. David Rossi, Aalyiah, Ellie, and Jess are now grandparents. Haha!!! I still love the game. I just needed to focus on other things this week.

A lot has gone down on IMVU. I’ve made some more things. I’ve gone broke. I lost some friends. I’ve gained some friends. While a lot has gone on, it really isn’t all that noteworthy if I’m being honest. I did set up a few new rooms. Two of which are designed for roleplays. So we’ll see how those go. I haven’t had much activity in either of them yet, but I haven’t really spent a lot of time in them either.

Some of my new products this week. I make multiple varieties of hair because I love the style but some days I may not love the color. So it’s nice to have the options. Also, some colors sell better than others.

I still haven’t gotten the will to begin playing Yahtzee with Buddies again. It’s going to take forever to build up the amount of games I had before I lost it all. I can happily say that Criminal Case is completely fixed. So hopefully I’ll be able to chip away at those games once I’m back to five days across all of them.

Tell me about the games you’re playing this week!


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