Author Spotlight: Melanie James

This week’s author: Melanie James

I can’t tell you how much I adore this author. I met her years ago on Facebook. I’m not exactly sure how we crossed paths. I’m just glad she is. She’s incredibly talented. I actually even had the pleasure of meeting her in person almost seven years ago. It was a wonderful day. I’ll quit babbling now and share her info. Knowing this woman is such an amazing gift.

From Melanie James:

I’ve always been a writer. Growing up, I would jot down story ideas and write paragraph after paragraph but never finished the stories. It wasn’t until I was in my 30s that I thought about writing seriously. The rest is history! 

I love my family, and I enjoy spending my time with them. I have 2 kids, 3 stepkids, 4 grandbabies. I have two dogs and three cats who keep me on my toes because they are all a bunch of furry psychos! 

I’m married to the love of my life. We bought and converted an old school house that was built in 1915. It’s located in rural Wisconsin along the Lake Michigan shoreline. 

I love camping in the summer in our RV. My hobbies include photography, gardening, hiking, baking, playing in my fairy garden, and of course reading. 

Books by Melanie James:

Practically Angels

Coming of age in Heaven, what an exciting time! Especially since it’s every young angel’s dream to earn her wings by serving a tour in the Bureau of Angels. For everyone except Emmy Morrissey it seems. It turns out, she and a couple of others are not quite like the rest.

But Heaven has a plan for everyone—even misfits. After a bit of brief training, Emmy and her fellow oddballs are given a secret mission, to run a beachside gift shop in scenic little Angel Bay. And maybe act as guardian angels for the town. Easy-peasy, right?

They may even find time for their first forays into mortal romance, instead of just reading about it in steamy fiction. The hapless young angels soon find themselves up to their necks in supernatural mischief when they discover Angel Bay is ground zero for the paranormal.

Not Quite Demons
With one major mystery solved, Emmy and her friends planned to finally concentrate on something a little more enjoyable—hot guys. But their hopes are dashed when the dramatic arrival of a mysterious stranger heralds the beginning of yet another whodunnit.

Extortion, murder, kidnappings. It seems like Angel Bay is going to Hell in a handbasket. With so many people keeping secrets, just about everyone becomes a suspect. Emmy knows it just might take collaboration with the dark side to get to the bottom of things—in more ways than one!


Almost Witches

Hexes, Exes, & Oh My God! Witchfest is coming to Angel Bay!

It’s once again time for Angel Bay’s annual Witchfest! While swarms of cosplay fanatics and costumed tourists flood the town, a coven of real witches have also arrived. It seems they have a special interest in learning the secret nature of our young angels. But the bigger threat just might be the coven’s daughters—a clique of mean girls who love drama.

How far are Emmy and her fellow angels willing to go in order to protect the people and town they’ve come to call home? Dark magic sure sounds tempting. What could possibly go wrong?

Virtually Vampires

Change is in the air around Angel Bay. For our trio of hapless Angels, it seems the weather isn’t the only thing with ups and downs. Sadly, they find out that romance can be just as unpredictable.

Nothing distracts from a broken heart like a little adventure. When Ash offers his driving expertise along with some shiny new licenses forged in Hell, the girls can hardly resist. When a new and mysterious family moves into town, their curiosity becomes the distraction they were looking for.

To make matters worse, an unexplained death and a missing corpse just might toss the entire town into the middle of an ancient magical feud. Can Emmy and the gang save Angel Bay from the latest paranormal crisis, or will it be curtains for all of them?

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope that this blog has helped you know Melanie James and her books more. I fully encouage you to give her books a try.Especially her Literal Leigh Series!!!!

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