Review Format and Thursday Segment Update.

I had a last minute change in schedule so I thought I’d take advantage and do an update on the announcement I made awhile back.

The Plans:

Blog Plan Potential

Review Format:

Release Date:
Page Count:
Start Date:
Finish Date:



Important to Note:

Similar To:

Blog Schedule:

12 PM- Blog Tours (If Any Are Scheduled)
4 PM- Weekly Reading Plans and Goals- Will discuss the books I plan to read each week and the goals I have for the week overall
8 PM- Reviews (If any)


12 PM: Blog Tours (If Any Are Scheduled)
4 PM- Gaming Updates- Will discuss games I play. Especially Tomodachi Life Updates
8 PM- Reviews (If Any)


12 PM- Blog Tours (If any are scheduled)
4 PM- Coloring Projects- Will display my favorite four pictures that I’ve colored each week. I hope that this will give me the accountability to start coloring more.
8 PM- Reviews (If Any)


12 PM- Blog Tours (If Any Are Scheduled)
4 PM- Reading With Star- I’ll showcase an excerpt from an author’s book of their choice. All authors have sent me the information. It belongs to them and not me. I have their full permission to use it for this blog and this blog only. It is not to be used or copied anywhere else.
8 PM- Reviews (If Any)


12 PM- Blog Tours (If Any Are Scheduled)
4 PM- Author Spotlight- Will showcase a random indie author I’ve discovered recently or that I think needs a lot more exposure than they have.
8 PM- Reviews (If Any)


12 PM- Blog Tours (If Any Are Scheduled)
4 PM- Weekly Reading Wrap Up- Will talk about the reading I’ve accomplished for the week and discuss if I succeeded with my goals or not.
8 PM- Reviews (If Any)


12 PM- Blog Tours (If Any Are Scheduled)
4 PM- Sundays in Bed With- Will talk about the book I’m reading for the day. Sundays are my no social media or computer days. My me days if you will.
8 PM- Reviews (If Any)

1st of the Month- Monthly Reading Wrap-Up
15th of the Month- Mid Month Check In
30th/31st of the month- Monthly TBR

IMPORTANT!!!!: Please note that Reading With Star and Author Spotlight are two different segments. One is to give you a taste of the book. The other is to let the readers get to know the author. Those are two entirely different things.


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