Weekly Game Chat: March 28th, 2023

Another week of passively playing. I didn’t take notes. I had some more children grow up and be born. I’ll do better at taking notes next week. Hopefully. I did make a point to save and transfer the photos I’ve taken over the last two weeks. So there’s that.

IMVU is still the front runner of my game play lately. I’ve gone broke. I did manage to gift some friends and make a lot more items. I also bought some Sword of Truth cosplay like things. I also have dabbed a bit into RP. I’m not the best in the world at it, but I’m trying. My main thing is I always worry I’ll break out of character during an ADHD moment so I have been afraid to even try.

The latest items in my shop.

In other game news, I lost all my games in Yahtzee because I forgot to play for over a week. Criminal Case has been having tech issues with three of their games.So I lost progress to those. One of which is still down. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. If not, I’ll have to figure out a work around to detatch it from Facebook.

Tell me about the games you’re playing this week!


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