Reading Plans & Goals: March 27th, 2023

Weekly Goals:

  1. Put a dent into reading list.
  2. Keep better track of schedule.
  3. Write reviews
  4. Sign up for blog tours again.
  5. Don’t give up.

My Reading List:

  1. You Wouldn’t Dare
  2. Ander And Santi Were Here
  3. Divine Rivals
  4. The Middle Daughter
  5. Plot to Save South Africa
  6. Lioness of Leiden
  7. Someone is Always Watching
  8. Keeper of Enchanted Rooms
  9. Heir of Uncertain Magic

I also have to read a couple of books for blog tours that happen later this week. I’ve done a lot better getting everything organized. While I’m not quite caught up yet, I’ve been making great strides to get there. I shall continue making great strides.


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