Author Spotlight: My Author Wishlist

So I completely messed up on this one. I made a mental list, but I never really wrote one down. I also never reached out to the authors to make sure I could get their info to do spotlights on. I don’t want to just not post anything. So this week, I’ll make a list of the authors I want to start with. This is just off the top of my head. I am in no way stating that these authors are more important than others. I’m also not stating that any author not on this list doesn’t belong. With that being said, here’s the list:

  1. Krys Fenner
  2. Kate L. Mary
  3. Cara North
  4. Roux Cantrell
  5. Rebecca Barber
  6. Thetta James
  7. Breezy Jones
  8. Marie Long
  9. Melanie James
  10. Rosemary Willhide

I’m going to reach out to these authors. I’m also going to try to reach out to other authors. If you’re seeing this and you’re an author who wants to participate, please reach out to me. Comment on this post or email me at

Introduction to segment:

Last Week’s Spotlight:

What I would like from the author:

  1. A book or two (or series) they want highlighted
  2. Things they would like the readers to know about them. How they got started writing. What their passions are. Whatever they want. Can be done in letter format, article format, or however you wish to do it.
  3. Preferably links that lead to them so that the readers can follow them.
  4. Pictures. Every kind you want shown.

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