Weekly Game Update: March 21st, 2023

I didn’t make any notes this week. I kind of really didn’t put full attention into the game this week. I popped on and got the markets when they were available for the most part. I took care of problems here and there. I know a few children grew up and a few children were born. I know that my apartment was upgraded to the max upgrade. Hopefully, I’ll put more focus and energy on it this week.

Now to talk about IMVU. This game has consumed me this past week. I’ve been consumed with RP family drama. Which I think I wound up making many huge mistakes. I’ve met some interesting people there for sure. I’ve also been creating a lot more lately. It started with me editing rooms I’ve made in the past, but it evolved into me making new products. I even have somebody who has become a huge fan of my shop. It is really humbling. Either way, I’m glad I came back!

Here are some of my most recent creations on IMVU. I’m still waiting on quite a few to be published. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get a job with IMVU! HAHA! Who knows?

Tell me about the games you’re playing this week!


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