Reading With Star: The Introduction

I’m so excited to introduce a segment to my blog that I am really looking forward to seeing through. I already have several amazing authors who are on board with it!

Every Thursday, I’ll be posting an excerpt of an author’s work. I will also include links for the book and some information about the author and where to find them. I will not have a cap on how many times I share one for each author. I just won’t post from the same author two weeks in a row.

If for any reason I do not have an author scheduled or the author for that week didn’t send their stuff over, I’ll post a writing prompt from me.

I sincerely hope everybody enjoys this. I want to make sure that they get the exposure they deserve. If you know any author who would want to be a part of this, comment please! Or share this blog with them!

The Schedule:

March 23rd- RK Phillips

March 30th- Breezy Jones

April 6th- Roux Cantrell

April 13th- Marie Long

April 20th- Thetta James

April 27th- Michelle Hoffman

May 4th- Krys Fenner

May 11th- Hanna Conrad

May 18th- Rosemary Willhide

May 25th- Pamela NeSmith Olson

June 1st- Quell T. Fox


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