Weekly Game Chat: Happy Pi Day! Tomadachi Life Updates and Mario Kart 8

I didn’t get all of the notes down again this week, but I did mark it down better. So there’s that. I really hope you have been enjoying these. This week was a lot. I had some children born. I’ve had some children grow up and move into their own apartment or travel. There are some children that weren’t placed into the notes. Not on purpose. There’s a couple of things that really stood out to me. I’m not going to say which. I’m going to let you read them all and see which ones I mean and comment on it with your personal thoughts!

  1. Samuel was born to Avril and Spencer.
  2. Harry and Ginny got divorced
  3. Matthew was born to George and Amy
  4. Mackenzie was born to Stark and Monica
  5. Jace grew up and became a permanent member of the island.
  6. Henry grew up and became a traveler.
  7. Anna grew up and became a permanent member of the island.
  8. Kylie grew up and became a traveler.
  9. Ariana was born to Abby and Raj.
  10. Malcom and Emma broke up
  11. Jacob was born to JJ and Sam
  12. Sophia and Ian broke up
  13. Jace told Sophia he had feelings for her. They are now a couple.
  14. Hermione decided to set Nicholas up with Emma. It worked great.
  15. Ryan grew up and became a permanent member of the island.
  16. Justin grew up and became a traveler.
  17. Tristan and Julia got married.
  18. Emily grew up and became a permanent member of the island.
  19. Molly was born to Alex and Luke
  20. Hannah grew up and became a permanent member of the island.
  21. Harry and Rory got married.
  22. Amy felt that Fez needed a sweetheart and set him up with Ginny. They hit it off.

The photos are random from what I’ve had taken overall. I tried to go for as recent as possible. From here forward, it will be for that week. I’ll also try to get photos that have a bit more context. Thank you for reading This! More updates coming next week!!!

For those of you who have been following the Mario Kart expansions, the latest wave just hit. It was released Thursday. I just got around to playing it on Sunday. When I play, I normally hit random and play as my mii avi. When the new waves have hit, I specifically choose each of the new ones until all of them are played. I normally play with Dustyn online in friends. Sometimes I also play with my brother and my mom. When they are able to play of course. I really have loved all of the new tracks that have been added so far. I also loved that there was a new character added this time! So far, with all four waves, I’ve only disliked one track. And as I’ve played it over the past few months, I hate it a little less every time. It’s still a pain.

If you have a Switch and want to be buddies, let me know! I’ll happily give my friend code. Same for those with a 3DS.

Hopefully I’ll come with more updates and more games next week!!!


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