Reading Plans & Goals: March 13th

Last week was a very productive week for me. In more ways than one. I’m finally starting to get somewhere where a routine is concerned. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I am getting there. That’s important to me. Here’s to another great week!

Plan to Start:

  1. Divine Rivals
  2. You Wouldn’t Dare
  3. Ander And Santi Were Here
  4. The Middle Daughter
  5. Nature’s Strike
  6. Escape from the Asylum

This may be a stretch. It may not. Two of the titles aren’t in my schedule. I just really want to read them. I’ve been waiting forever! Hopefully I will have time to at least start them. This week is a readathon week so we shall see!

Books I Hope to Make Progress On:

  1. Where Darkness Blooms
  2. Dioramas
  3. The Witch and the Vampire
  4. Not That Kind of Ever After
  5. The Renaissance of Gwen Hathaway
  6. Hitler’s Aristocrats

Goals for the Week:

  1. Keep at daily goals and log-ins.
  2. Get and keep a job.
  3. Reach out to authors for Author Spotlight.
  4. Drink more water

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