Serenity Island News: March 7th, 2023

My notes are pretty good considering I haven’t been writing notes and I’m trying to get back into it. However, they aren’t fully detailed like I would want them to be. There are also some details missing. It’s all good though. I got some pretty detailed accounts. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Fred and Jackie are thinking of having a baby as of March 1st.
  2. Shaggy thinks Thomas needs a sweetheart. He tried hook him up with Evelyn. It didn’t work, but they became friends.
  3. Nikkie and Sheldon are thinking about having a baby.
  4. Donna and Jonny Depp are thinking about having a baby.
  5. JJ tried to set Shaggy’s son up with Rory. It didn’t work.
  6. Shaggy tried to set up Thomas with Evelyn. It worked.
  7. Fred and Jackie had a baby boy.
  8. Dustyn and Zoey had a baby boy.
  9. Sheldon and Nikkie had a baby girl.
  10. Dimitri and Lorelei had a baby girl.
  11. Donna and Johnny Depp had a baby boy.
  12. Morgan Belikov grew up and became a permanent resident of the island.
  13. Lauren Weasley thought that Malcom needed a sweetheart and set him up with Emma. They hit it off.
  14. J.J and Sam have been close to breaking up three times.
  15. Emma thought that Jonathan needed a sweetheart and set him up with Lauren. They hit it off.
  16. Harry decided to set Ian and Sophia up. They hit it off great.
  17. Eric and Penny had a baby.
  18. Ellie and Jess had a baby.
  19. Scott and Penelope had a baby.
  20. Leonard and Giada had a baby
  21. Jenna and Chandler had a baby girl.

It seems like a lot of people try to set people up with Rory. It never works. I’m beginning to wonder if the right person for Rory just isn’t on my island. Or maybe it’s that they are already married. *Thinks of the one that I had intended for her to be with and who he’s married to on the island.*

Next week I hope to be more detailed. I’m also going to try to import my photos so I can put them in a video and share that as well!

I wish I could create a second island so I can start this whole ordeal for you all. I don’t want to lose the island I have though. Maybe I will figure something out.


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