Reading Plans & Goals: March 6th

I’m very behind on reading. However, I have incorporated a system that I think will help me out. I’m excited to put it all into practice. I have some amazing books that I’ll be reading here soon.

Plan to Start:

  1. The Renaissance of Gwen Hathaway
  2. Dioramas

Books I Hope To Make Progress On:

  1. If A Poem Could Live and Breathe
  2. Always the Almost
  3. Beginning of Arrogance
  4. Where Darkness Blooms
  5. A Mystery of Mysteries
  6. Unlikely Heros
  7. Luck of the Draw
  8. Missing Clarissa (Releases Tuesday)
  9. The Dirty Tricks Department (Releases Tuesday)

Goals for the week:

  1. Maintain routine. Every day. (Stick to schedule)
  2. Hit reading goals every day.
  3. Write at least seven reviews.
  4. Finish three books.
  5. Start making and posting graphics and videos again.

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