Straight for the Kill Blog Tour and Review

Straight For The KIll

Tour Date: March 1-5 

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Winter Austin
January 23, 2023
Tule Publishing
298 pages

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Book Summary: 

Sheriff Elizabeth Benoit’s worst nightmare returns when her deputies discover a young woman killed in the same circumstances as a death from 25 years earlier. That previous victim was Elizabeth’s best friend and Deputy Kyle Lundquist’s older sister. Elizabeth has spent a quarter of a century trying to nail the crooked ex-sheriff she knows is involved up to his elbows in this unresolved crime. She has a thick file of clues, but it’s going to take irrefutable proof to put both cases to bed.

Deputy Detective Lila Dayne draws on all her investigative skills, but still she can’t pin down their main suspect. Then prominent members of the community begin to disappear—clearly, there’s a bigger vendetta at play. Despite the legal consequences of being too close to the case, Elizabeth can’t keep away now.

When Elizabeth’s sister goes missing, it’s a no-holds-barred race against time in the showdown that’s been brewing in Eckardt County for decades.

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My Review:

I wound up getting the first two books in this series in audiobook. I was smitten with the covers for the three of them. The covers are gorgeous. The stories are gorgeous. I can’t wait until the third book is released in audio so that I have an excuse to read them all over again! Will have a more detailed review later.


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