Weekly Game Updates: Introduction to Serenity Island

I play this game pretty often. I really enjoy it. It’s one of my favorite games. I kind of play it like a virtual fanfiction of sorts. Only I have no control over what happens other than to give my go ahead! In order to give weekly updates, I feel I need to go ahead and make introductions of the people on my island, who’s with who, and the children that have been created from it all.

My Islanders:

  1. Aaliyah Brown (Didn’t know her last name)
  2. Abby Sciuto
  3. Alex Guarnashelli
  4. Amy Farah Fowler
  5. Avril Lavigne
  6. Bernadette Williams (Also didn’t know her last name)
  7. Bobby Flay
  8. Chandler Bing
  9. David Rossi
  10. Dean Winchester
  11. Dimitri Belikov
  12. Donna Pinciotti
  13. Dustyn Brown
  14. Emma Watson
  15. Eric Forman
  16. Evelyn Winchester (Daughter of Sam Winchester and J.J.)
  17. Fred Weasley
  18. George Weasley
  19. Giada De Laurentiis
  20. Ginny Weasley
  21. Harry Potter
  22. Hermione Granger
  23. Ian Rogers (Son of Shaggy Rogers and Hermione Granger)
  24. Jackie Burkhart
  25. James Stark
  26. Jeff Goldblum (Malcom)
  27. Jenna Marbles
  28. Jennifer Jareau (JJ)
  29. Jess Mariano
  30. Jonny Depp
  31. Jonathan Belikov (Son of Dimitri Belikov and Lorelei Gilmore)
  32. Julia Mariano (Daughter of Jess and Ellie)
  33. Laura Dern (Ellie)
  34. Laren Weasley (Daughter of Fred and Jackie)
  35. Leonard Hoffstatter
  36. Lorelei Gilmore
  37. Rory Gilmore
  38. Ludacris Turner
  39. Luke Danes
  40. Luna Lovegood
  41. Monica Gellar
  42. Naomi Brown (Daughter of Dustyn Brown and Zoey Redbird)
  43. Nicholas Cooper (Son of Sheldon Cooper and Nikkie)
  44. Nicole Dunton (Nikkie)
  45. Penelope Garcia
  46. Penny Hofstatter
  47. Raj Koothrapali
  48. Ron Weasley
  49. Rosemarie Hathaway (Rose)
  50. Sam Winchester
  51. Scott Conant
  52. Shaggy Rogers
  53. Sheldon Cooper
  54. Sophie Bridges (Daughter of Ludacris and Rose)
  55. Spencer Reid
  56. Thomas Reid (Son of Spencer and Avril)
  57. Tristan Rossi (Son of Rossi and Aaliyah)
  58. Velma Dinkley
  59. Wilmer Valderrama
  60. Zoey Redbird

Married Couples

  1. Eric & Penny
  2. Rossi & Aaliyah
  3. Ludacris & Rose
  4. Bobby & Luna
  5. Fred & Jackie
  6. Chandler & Jenna
  7. Dustyn & Zoey
  8. George & Amy
  9. Stark & Monica
  10. Sam & JJ
  11. Sheldon & Nikkie
  12. Spencer & Avril
  13. Jess & Ellie
  14. Scott & Penelope
  15. Dimitri & Lorelei
  16. Johnny Depp & Donna
  17. Raj & Abby
  18. Potter & Ginny
  19. Dean & Bernadette
  20. Shaggy & Hermione
  21. Luke & Alex
  22. Leonard & Giada

Couple: Velma &Ron

Traveling Children:

  1. Nevaeh (Daughter of Fred and Jackie)
  2. Naomi (Daughter of Bobby and Luna)
  3. John (Son of Stark and Monica)
  4. Caroline (Daughter of Chandler and Jenna)
  5. Brody (Son of George and Amy)
  6. Katherine (Daughter of Scott And Penelope)
  7. Aaron (Son of Eric And Penny)
  8. Carter (Son of Dean and Bernadette)
  9. Carlos (Son of Stark And Monica)

It’s been a fun ride since I started playing this again. From here forward, I’ll report who’s fought with who, new children, new marriages, new couples, break ups, and children grown up. I really hope you enjoy this!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Game Updates: Introduction to Serenity Island

  1. My son loves this game (and anything with Miis) and is hoping Nintendo makes a new one lol. I should try it out and play it, from what I’ve seen on his account it looks pretty fun. He even has me, his dad, and his sister in it which can be sort of weird because I married someone other than his dad which was hilarious.


  2. Oh yeah! I’ve loved it since I discovered it years ago!! I’ve had some issues where I have lost my ds in some shape or form (not by any fault of my own). I’ve had to start the island over a few times. I throw some of my favorite characters on. Some with the intention of being with certain people. Some just there as wild cards. It’s fun to see who they wind up with instead lol. I once had an island where Dean Winchester got with Rose Hathaway. I didn’t have the thought of that!


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