Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals For 2023

Topic: Bookish Goals for 2023

I posted a blog about this near the beginning of the year, but I’m willing to talk about it again. Having goals is important.

  1. Increase my Netgalley completion rate. I am so embarrassed by how low my completion rate is. I picked up so many. I was so excited to read them. But I let time and other books get away from me. This year I plan on keeping up with the books as they are released and going back and reading my backlog. I want to increase my rate by at least 20% by the end of the year.
  2. Read at least two hours a day. No matter what I’m doing each day, I want to at least put two hours towards reading.
  3. Keep up with blog. I have fallen behind on posting quite frequently. My goal is to start scheduling the day before again to the best of my ability.
  4. Keep up with reviews. Sometimes it’s easier to just put reviews off until later. Then they start stacking up and I get overwhelmed. My goal is to keep on top of them and get some older ones written as well.
  5. Read one physical book a week. I would like to start reading the books I have accumulated from book boxes, gifts, and just buying. I think it would be best to aim to try for at least one a week.
  6. Apple Books Streak. Last year, I discovered that I could download my Audible books to Apple Books. Apple Books has this goal you can set to whatever you wish to hit every day. It really encourages me to listen to some audio every day. I’m currently sitting at a 15 day streak. My record was 42 days.
  7. Read 12 books of the following: LGBTQIA, Diverse, Nonfiction, Book of the Month (15 now because of challenge), and classics.
  8. Try to gain more followers on social and my blog. I really don’t care if I get thousands of followers. It’s not about the numbers for me. I want to gain more interactive followers. Ones I can interact with. It’s nice to have people you can chat with about your interests.
  9. Get back into readathons. Back in 2016, I discovered Dewey’s Readathon. It was a different experience. I fell in love with it. I’ve kind of flopped on readathons lately. I want to change that. I want to get back into the joy and love of it.
  10. Make more reader friends. I’d love to have more friends in general, but especially ones that I can chat about books with. Maybe even create a book club! Who knows?

Some of these are more important than others. They aren’t listed in order. I’d love to see some of your goals.


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