I started out not knowing what to blog about. I really haven’t created a schedule because I feel like it really hinders me. I mean I had a theme for each day, but I wasn’t planning on using it unless I got stuck like today. I digress. Then I noticed I had a notification. I have 402 followers! I’m just so in shock! It may not seem like a lot to some, but to me it’s amazing. I’ve never got on here expecting to get thousands of followers. My main goal was to talk about my passions and find people who share those passions with me. It’s not about numbers for me. It’s the people. It’s the interactions. I’m still so thankful. I hope to see it grow more and to meet more people that share my love of reading and gaming. This is a great milestone to hit. And the perfect year to hit it as I’m approaching my 10 year blogging anniversary!


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