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Playing the Field Book 2

By Rebecca Barber

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Available on Kindle Unlimited

Also available in the Series:

Overtime – Book 1 


Offside Book 3 – Preorder



On paper, Seth Masters had it all.

The multi-million-dollar contract to play the game he loved, the looks to attract the ladies and the dedication to achieve his goals. It was his time to shine. The problem was, he’d forgotten how to.

Kicking a ball was easy at seven. Making a tackle was child’s play at twelve. Scoring a goal was a piece of cake at eighteen. But now it was his career on the line and he’d lost his mojo.

Claire Hayes was trying.

Everything she had; she’d worked her butt off for.

Living in a share house with her older brother and three of his mates wasn’t the life she’d dreamt of, but it got her out of the small town she was desperate to escape.

What Claire was not prepared for was how the simple act of heroism, rescuing a surfer from the water early one morning could change her entire world.

Her carefully planned and simple life had just been altered forever.

Rookie is the second book in the Playing the Field series and is filled with shattered dreams, misunderstandings and a comedy of errors that will make you laugh out loud. 

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