New Review Guidelines

I have a flaw. I want to take on all review requests, all NetGalley books, and all blog tours. I want to support and promote authors and see them succeed in their goals and dreams. The problem is that I suck at time management and have fallen behind on reviews and deadlines multiple times. It makes me really look unreliable. In reality, I thought it was a brilliant idea to accept 20 book requests and tours that are all due in the same week. Then I shut down trying to figure out which one to prioritize. So, I’ve decided to develop some guidelines to practice going forward. I have some previous reviews and tours that I will keep as is. This is more for me personally. I’m hoping that this will help me hold myself accountable. I hope it will keep me from going overboard.

  1. I’m only taking on four projects a week. Period. If I have four NetGalley reviews, I won’t be taking on any requests or blog tours that are due on that week. Any of those can be swapped around. Four total. Whether it be NetGalley, requests, or tours.
  2. I am a slower reader. Unless it’s in an audiobook. I’d like to have at least a month out to review the book. I’d prefer two months, but one month minimum is acceptable for me. If it’s an audiobook, at least one week. Two weeks is preferable.
  3. I will post TikTok videos. I’m not the best editor, so the videos will mostly be me just talking about the book. I try to keep the videos shorter than three minutes.
  4. I don’t read erotic (where there’s no plot just sex) books at all. I also don’t read any book that glamorizes abuse of any kind. Sexual, mental, or physical.
  5. My reviews will be honest. If I don’t like the book and don’t finish it, I will message you personally. I do not review books that I do not finish. Please do not request that I change my star rating. How I rate the book is based on how much I loved it. 3 Stars= I really liked the book a lot, but I probably won’t reread it, 4 Stars= I really loved it! I might reread it, 5 Stars= I loved it. I will reread it. I want people to read it too and talk about it with me!
  6. I will make note of any typos I see and message you once I’m done reading to let you know about them. That will not be reflected in my review. My reviews will be intended for the story and my thoughts alone.
  7. I can’t review on Amazon. I made an account to do reviews on after they blocked me from reviews for no reason, but I just couldn’t get into writing reviews on it because I’m not fully sure they won’t shut that one down too. I do review on Goodreads, Instagram, TikTok, and my blog. I’m open to exploring reviewing other places too. Just request it and send me the book link for that site.

If you read this and are still okay with me doing a review, please feel free to email me at

6 thoughts on “New Review Guidelines

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