Potential Upcoming Plans

I’ve decided to get back into a routine with this blog. I think I’ve taken enough of a break. I’ve also tackled my mental health as well. I’m doing what I can to take care of myself.

So I have an upcoming plan.

Weekly Blog Plans:

Monday- Weekly Reading Plans- Will discuss the books I plan to read during the day.

Tuesday- Featured Book- Will discuss a book I’m enjoying currently.

Wednesday- Featured Show/Movie- I’ve been watching more television lately. So I’ll either talk about a show I’m enjoying or about the shows I’ve watched through the week.

Thursday- Audiobook Obsession- Will discuss an audiobook I’m really enjoying at the moment.

Friday- Freebie Friday- Whatever I’m passionate about discussing. Book related or not.

Saturday- Reading Updates- Will update how my reading went for the week.

Sunday- What I’m Reading Today- I am going to be taking Sundays off the computer as much as possible. All I plan to do is read. So most of the time, this will be scheduled the day before.

Monthly Blog Plans:

1st- Montly TBR- Will showcase the books I plan to read during the month. Will also announce any readathons I plan to participate in or host.

15th- Mid-Month Check In- Will discuss my reading progress for the month and how I’m doing in general.

30th/31st- Reading Wrap Up- Will display all of the books I’ve finished during the months.

Note: Some days will have more than one blog if I have a review to post or I have a promo or blog tour.

I’m excited to see where this goes! I’m not sure about scheduling blogs yet, but we will see!


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