Audiobook Review: Revelation by Victor Acquista

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: Revelation

Author: Victor Acquista

Release Date: August 23rd, 2022

Page Count: 302

Start Date: October 12th, 2022

Finish Date: November 4th, 2022


Story: I really liked this story a lot. I just don’t feel like it held up to the first book. I guess I can understand that though. The first book was so strong and so absorbing. This is just my personal opinion though. I’m sure that other people will feel differently. I do want to state again that I really enjoyed the story. I also think that this book can fully be read independently of the first book. 

Characters: I feel like this book focused more on the bad characters than the good. I didn’t think I would find that as fascinating as I did. I did though. It was interesting seeing the points of view in this one. 

Critiques: None that I can think of. 

Narration: Brilliant! I especially loved the way they narrated the scientist who was responsible for all of the creations. Absolutely brilliant! 

Final Thoughts: I really did enjoy this book a lot. I didn’t love it as much as I did the first one, but independently, it was great. I would love to see both books turned into a movie or mini-series. I think they would be amazing. I’d definitely watch. I fully recommend this book and Serpent Rising. Both of them will take you for a ride!

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