2022 Unwritten Reviews

For those of you who don’t know, I had a rough start to the year. I didn’t want to write reviews. I really didn’t want to do anything at all with my blog or social media. I was in a depressive funk. One that I couldn’t shake myself out of. I knew that I had friends and family. I knew I was loved. I just still felt alone and like I should just give up on everything. It took me quite a while to get myself out of the dark place I was in.

In August, I discovered OneNote. Well, that’s not a fair statement. I knew about OneNote for a long time. I just never realized how beneficial it would be for me. It started out as writing notes for work. Then I had a “what if” moment and started writing reviews on my personal computer on it.

Note: The tabs are for each month and each tab had a page for every book I read that month. The title has a hyperlink that leads right to the blog post for the review.

I spent quite a bit of time writing reviews for books earlier in the year. For a while, that was my focus. Until I realized that the longer I went the more behind I fell. So, I decided to start writing reviews for books I currently read and decided to go back when I could. I’ve gotten myself into a nice habit of writing a review soon after I’ve read the book.

While I’m getting current reads reviewed right away, I do acknowledge that I still have reviews I need to write from earlier this year. Today, I made a list of reviews that I need to write. I am going to start putting a priority to get them written and posted until they are all done. They will be posted on days I don’t have anything planned until they are all done.

Here’s the list of books I’ve read this year that I haven’t reviewed yet:

The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea
Girl in the Blue Coat
Learn to Love yourself
The Ash Moon
The Somber Call
The Crucial Shift
Red Queen
A Forgery Of Roses
Royal Decoy
Glass Sword
A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale
The Frequency
Gathering of the Four
King’s Cage
Hotel Magnifique
Blood Scion
Rise of Riverstone
War Storm
When Goblins Puppysit
One Hundred Percent Me
Once Upon A Broken Heart
The Stardust Thief
Ballad & Dagger
Royal Spy
True Crime Story
Ravenwood Academy
In Every Generation
Into The Shadows
Out of the Shadows

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