Finding Promises Release Tour


Finding Promises

Book 4 in the Finding Happiness in Harmony Series

By Stacey Komosinski


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A Second Chance, Ex-marine, Slow Burn, Small Town, Contemporary Romance 






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Seth Taylor is used to living life as a lone wolf, going where duty calls him. After leaving the marines, he goes to the small town where the year before he made no promises to the beautiful cafe owner after spending one hot night together. Now he’s determined to make those promises to her—if she’ll let him.

When Seth Taylor rolls into Harmony, Texas, a second chance with Camila Hartman isn’t even on the table. Her crystal-clear blue eyes bore ice daggers into him at first sight. One small gesture from Seth cracks her frigid exterior, resulting in cycles of vulnerability and fiery outbursts which confuse and incite a yearning within him.

Cami wasn’t ready for her world to be turned upside down once again by a man who does as he pleases. His Greek godlike physique, warm eyes, and sweet promises twist her brain, tease her body, and tantalize her heart. Unable to control her desire to know how real that unforgettable night was, Cami exposes her insecurities to the only man who ever haunted her dreams.

Will Seth maintain patience with the volatile Cami and prove he’s moving in the same direction as she is? Or will she let fear win over love, trust, and promises?

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Book 2: Finding Home Ever After


Book 3: Finding You Completes Me


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