Book Review: Crow by Roux Cantrell

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: Crow

Author: Roux Cantrell

Release Date: July 19th, 2019

Page Count: 92

Start Date: October 6th, 2022

Finish Date: October 6th, 2022


Story: I can’t believe I’m halfway through this series. Well at least currently. The author may add more books to the series. Who knows? I have basically devoured the books in this series. I’ve read these four books in just two days. I’m still in shock that I’ve managed to do that. This has got to be my favorite so far in the series. Even though there’s a part that I kind of want answers to. For closure purposes. It doesn’t kill the story without it though.

Characters: I feel like everybody pretty much played a part in this book. I really feel like I got to know more of the crew in this book than I have the first three books. Maybe it’s designed that way on purpose. I can say that I’m looking forward to getting to know them even more as this series continues.

Critiques: Nothing.

Final Thoughts: It was while reading this book that I have discovered that I might be becoming addicted to this world and the characters in it. I want to see how everybody is doing. I want to hear more about the children. I want to see the businesses thriving. I want to hear more about the rest of the town. I want to see how well the MC fits in in the town. I think I’ve proven my point. This is still my current favorite of this series so far. I do have four more books to read, so we will see if that remains true by book eight.

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