Audiobook Review: Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel by A.W. Jantha

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel

Author: A.W. Jantha

Release Date: July 10th, 2018

Page Count: 395

Start Date: September 27th, 2022

Finish Date: October 2nd, 2022


Story: This is basically two books in one. Well officially it’s two parts, but still. One takes place in 1993. The other takes place in 2018. Or I believe it was 2018. Anyway. The first one is basically the movie in written form with just a few tweaks and add-ons. The second part takes place 25 years later. The main characters were Poppy, the daughter, and her friends and classmates. There are a few reviews that say that part two is too mature for the target audience or too liberal. In my opinion, it was just like the first part. The only difference I saw was that there was no younger sibling and the daughter had a crush on a girl. That’s it. Actually, the first part pushes more in the too mature than the second one does. I’m just going to leave it at that. I really enjoyed both parts very much.

Characters: There’s too many characters in both parts to give my opinions on both. Poppy was my favorite character of all. She was just this healthy mixture of Max, Allison, and Danni. It was very obvious that she was love and cared for by all three of them. I’d of liked to see how Danni fared 25 years later. She was referenced in part two and in it a little, but it doesn’t really talk about how her life is.

Critiques: None at all.

Narration: I really loved the narration over all. However, there were parts that were just kind of flat to me. Some popular phrases from the movie. I think that’s only because of how they are said in the movie. It’s not that the narrator did it wrong. It was just I heard it in a certain way so much that hearing it a different way threw me.

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed both parts of the book. I mean the second part wasn’t as thrilling as the first one, but it was good in its own way. I really loved the story development of both and the characters. I’m looking forward to watching the sequel to Hocus Pocus, but I’m not sure it really follows this sequel. We will see. Either way, I recommend this book. It’s worth the read.

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