Anthology Review: Dracos by Various Authors

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Dracos: Fantasy Dragon Tales

Author: Multiple Authors

Release Date: May 3rd, 2022

Page Count: 576

Start Date: August 9th, 2022

Finish Date: August 28th, 2022

Medieval by Ashley Brian

This was a short short story. There were parts of it that made me cringe a bit. I was really interested in reading more. It ended too soon for me. I’ll have to check out more stories by this author. She definitely has a way with words.

Aris by Cassie Greutman

Another great story. I just wish it was longer. I know that’s nearly impossible with all of the other stories with it. I will definitely look for more by this author as well. I think I remember there being a series from the world of this story. I could be wrong. If I’m not, I’m definitely going to get them all.

Dragon Valley by Clarissa Gosling

This one made me a bit sad. Mainly because I can relate to the main character’s feeling like an outcast. I loved that it ended in a way that gave me enough curiosity to pick up the series that this short story is a companion of. I’d also love to read other stories by the author.

Dragon Hearts Beating by Diana Dawn

This one wasn’t a favorite of mine, but I did enjoy it very much. I’d even be willing to read other books by this author. I think this story also represents a series. I could be wrong on that. There are many parts of this story that I feel like had they been prolonged a little bit I would have liked it a lot more. Which says something. I did like it. It just wasn’t my favorite.

The Knight and the Dragon by Megan Grooms

There were so many times during the beginning of this story that I may or may not have wanted to smack the main male lead upside the head. I mean surely he couldn’t be that dense! I get that it was intended for the story to give an awe factor. I just pick up on things pretty quickly sometimes. I’m really looking forward to reading other books by this author.

A Blaze of Rubies by Melinda R Cordell

This is a very interesting story. I think I will have a more strong opinion of the story once I’ve read the series. I feel like I will understand it better. The writing style is great. I really loved reading it!

Rose Dragon by MK Mancos

I can’t give words. My mom gushes about this author constantly. She’s one of my mom’s favorites. I now fully get why. This author is a genius with words! I need more of this story! I have been collecting books by this author. It’s about time I start diving into them!

Dreams & Dragons by September North

This is a very intriguing story. I normally guess at books and stories. I’m not always right, mind you. It’s just a fun thing I do. I didn’t have the chance here. I was too wrapped up in the story. It seems like the author has other plans pertaining to the world this story takes place in. I’m excited to see it!

Draggin’ Decisions by Sofia Ann Hoffman

I will be honest with you. The beginning of this story advises that you read some other works by the author before reading it. I did not read them. Yet!! However, I found the story very easy to read. I enjoyed it very much. I can’t wait to read other works by this author.

Bonds of Betrayal by K.M Jenkins

This is a short and sweet story. I was very interested and invested in many parts of it. I did notice it says “Tales of Ferres Story #8”. I probably need to track down the other 7 so that I can fully understand things that happened in the story. I wasn’t too lost at least. Just curious on what happens from there and what I missed. It was a bit sad though.

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