Audiobook Review: The Recovery Agent by Janet Evanovich

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: The Recovery Agent

Author: Janet Evanovich

Release Date: March 22, 2022

Page Count: 314

Start Date: July 14th, 2022

Finish Date: July 29th, 2022


Story: I really enjoyed this story very much. As I’ve read another series by this author, I had some issues with comparing this series with that. I had to set the book aside and reset it because of that. I can’t say I enjoyed this book as much as I did the Plum series, but it was still a terrific read. I’m looking forward to seeing more books in this series. I might become more attached to this series as it goes along. I definitely want to see what happens with all of the characters!

Characters: I’m bad with names and I listened to this in audiobook. I know the main character’s name is Gabriella. She’s pretty amazing. A little on the snobbish side. She’s kind of like a sophisticated version of Stephanie Plum. I didn’t intend to compare them, but I couldn’t help it. It just happened.

Critiques: None that I can think of.

Narration: I really enjoyed the narrator. She’s a lot better than the narrator they had for One for the Money. Not that there was anything wrong with the narrator. She just didn’t fit what I imagined for the book.

Final Thoughts: I’m not fully connected to this series yet. I can say that I have really enjoyed the first book. I’m really looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. I am also looking forward to getting to know all of the characters a bit better as the series progresses.

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