Audiobook Review: Trials

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: Trials

Author: Sadie Moss

Release Date: June 6th, 2019

Page Count: 292

Start Date: March 25th, 2022

Finish Date: March 26th, 2022


Story: I made a reference in book one about this being like an adult Harry Potter. This one kind of makes that accurate for me. There is even a reference for it. I also mentioned the first book having too much sex for my taste. I want to make sure that I’m clear this time. This is more of a mild to medium spice level. I’m just not really that into sexual scenes personally. I will still read them though. If you remove the sex scenes and still have a strong story, I will definitely read it. If the story flops with sex scenes removed, I’ll pass. I digress. I did not think that Moss could top the previous book. I was wrong.

Characters: Elliot continues to push through and adapt to the environment she’s thrown into. She still questions herself a lot. She’s been forced to take on all the responsibility for a very long time. She’s not sure how to not take the blame. Even when its not her fault.

Critiques: None

Narration: It’s a book narrated by Sarah Puckett. My mega voice actress crush. Enough said. She’s an instabuy for me!

Final Thoughts: I was convinced that I would like this book less and less as time went on. The opposite is winding out to be true. I wouldn’t go out of my way to say it’s a favorite. However, I definitely would be willing to read this series again a time or three. Very unique and very witty. I love it!

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