Audiobook Review: A Map of Days

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: A Map of Days

Author: Ransom Riggs

Release Date: October 2nd, 2018

Page Count: 492

Start Date: March 7th, 2022

Finish Date: March 7th, 2022


Story: I have to be honest. There are parts of me that feel like he only wrote this story because the fans demanded it. I feel like he checked out of the story after the last book. However, I could be wrong. I’m not saying this isn’t a good book. Riggs is a wonderful writer. It just seems that it had a much slower pace than the first three books. Maybe that’s the point. They have a breather before chaos happens again.

Characters: Our little gang of peculiars seem a little jaded in this book. I get that they have been through a lot, but they seem a bit harsher around the edges this time around.

Critiques: None

Narration: Amazing as always.

Final Thoughts: I did enjoy this book very much. It was interesting to find out what happened after the end of the third book. It just seems a bit slower than the first three. Then again, if I’m being honest, the first book was a little slow too. I do like a good slow burn. I just wasn’t prepared for it.

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