June Goals

June Goals:

Work Goals:

  1. Perfect Attendance
  2. Maintain top performance status
  3. Connect with new team
  4. Do the best I can possibly do
  5. Work overtime when possible

Reading Goals:

  1. Maintain blog schedule (including reading books on time for the tours)
  2. Read at least one LGBTQIA book a week
  3. Get caught up on reading challenges
  4. Make at least two TikToks a week
  5. Connect with more readers and chat with them often

Personal Goals:

  1. Express myself better
  2. Keep on top of to-do lists
  3. Get prepared for LLS
  4. Zoom with people more
  5. Organize room and office better.

I’m seriously so overwhelmed that May is almost over. I feel like it just started a day or two ago! I can’t be the only one to experience this!!!!! Hope everybody has a great week!

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