Book Recommendation Requests

I made a video requesting book recommendations for a certain kind. I didn’t really get any response. I’m going to try again. I’m hoping that I will have better luck with it in writing. I’ll make a list of recommendations I’d like here. Please comment or message here with any recommendations you have. Links would be preferred, but if you give title and author that would be fine too.

  1. Nonbinary/Gender Neutral rep. This can be fiction or nonfiction. I’d like to learn more about them. What better way to do it than reading about it.
  2. Polyamory rep. Spice level doesn’t matter. I’d prefer the plot to hold firm with or without the spice.
  3. LitRPG. I’m finding I’m really liking these. I’d really love to start reading more.

That’s all I can think of right now. I’d appreciate any recommendation. I’ll add them to my wishlist until I’m able to get a copy of them. Thank you in advance!

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