Book Chat: Paranormals of Avynwood

I just recently read this trilogy. I read all three books in like four days. I love it so much. I’m not going to lie, I read the spin-off series before I read this. This may sound weird, but I actually enjoyed the trilogy even more because of that. I got excited when being introduced to the characters that I already know and love from the series. I now feel like I have to read the entire series over again!

This series. I’m forever grateful for Audiobook Obsession for introducing me to this world. If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t have known all these amazing characters. I wouldn’t have a new favorite author in Michelle Dare. I wouldn’t have books to listen to to help me get to sleep. This is definitely a series that I will reread many more times in my life. I need to get all of the series and trilogy in paperback! If you’re looking for a book world that will absolutely suck you in and make you want to stay forever, this is the perfect world for you!

This author is definitely on my instant buy list. Just saying. If you’ve read these books, please let me know! I need somebody to talk to about these with!

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