Happy Release Day!!!! Recruited is now live!

Zombies. Necromancer-Kitty. How can a witch be bored with this combination?

Nobody knows who did the most damage, the witches or the humans. But the results are the same, the world is destroyed. The war made it easier for the spread of the virus, and even more zombies now roam the world.

With the war over, Elisha enjoys her quiet life watching her familiar control zombies for landscaping duties. Yeah, she is truly bored to death.

It’s no wonder, when her moral enemies knocked at her door with a job offer she is willing to entertain it. Curiosity can be deadly, even to a powerful witch. But is Elisha ready to follow this mission through?

* Recruited is book one in the Urban Fantasy/ Post-apocalyptic Series The Elisha & Elijah Chronicles. Recruited takes us sixty-five years in the future where a terrible plague follow by an even more destructive war has left the world in shambles. Now with a potential cure to save the human race, the only one they can turn to is their own nemesis.

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