Readathons On My Radar

Did you know that part of ADHD is hyperfixating on something? That’s what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been fixated on trying to build a readathon schedule for myself. I’d like to share with you what I have so far.


Owlcrate Read-A-Thon- March 21st-27th
TBR Jar Readathon- March 25th-27th
Queer Lit Readathon- March 26th-27th


Seasons of Reading Readathon- April 1st-30th (Spring into Horror)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- April 8th-10th
AYearathon- April 11th-17th (Go Green- Ebooks/Audiobooks)
TBR Jar Readathon- April 22-24
Dewey’s Readathon- April 30th


Minecraft Readathon- May 1st-31st
AYearathon- May 9th-15th (Nonfiction, Autobiographies, True Crime)
Bout of Books Readathon- May 9th-15th
Shadow Lounge Readathon- May 13th-15th
TBR Jar Readathon- May 27th-29th


Seasons of Reading Readathon- June 1st-30th (SciFi June)
Queer Lit Readathon- June 5th-11th
AYearathon- June 6th-12th (Adaptations)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- June 10th-12th
TBR Jar Readathon- June 24th-30th


Shadow Lounge Readathon- July 8th-10th
AYearathon- July 11th-17th (Set in another country)
TBR Jar Readathon- July 29th-31st


AYearathon- August 8th-14th (Series Catch Up/Sequels)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- August 12th-14th
Bout of Books Readathon- August 15th-21st
TBR Jar Readathon- August 26th-28th


AYearathon- September 5th-11th (Intimidating Reads)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- September 9th-11th
TBR Jar Readathon- September 23rd-25th
Queer Lit Readathon- September 24th-25th


Hocus Pocus Readathon- October 1st-31st
Seasons of Reading Readathon- October 1st-31st
AYearathon- October 10th-16th (LGBTQIA/Own Voices)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- October 14th-16th
TBR Jar Readathon- October 28th-30th


AYearathon- November 7th-13th (Recommended to you)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- November 11th-13th
TBR Jar Readathon- November 18th-20th


Queer Lit Readathon- December 4th-10th
AYearathon- December 5th-11th (Rereads)
Shadow Lounge Readathon- December 9th-11th
TBR Jar Readathon- December 16th-18th

If you know of any not listed here, please comment so I can get them added to my list and calendar. If you are participating in any of these, let me know as well! Please let me know if you want info for any of the ones listed.

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