A Fresh Start

For a while, I’ve been assessing things I do. I’m trying to figure out how to best maximize my time to do things that I enjoy. I’ve been considering cutting my blogs down to one blog a day with the exception of the days I have promotional blogs. The problem with this becomes that I enjoy doing most of the blogs that I post. So I assessed and evaluated what I have scheduled for each day. I have decided to cut it down to two blogs a day. Sometimes I will not post both. It will depend on my schedule. Either way, I will always make sure that at least one blog is posted every day. The new plan will take place tomorrow, March 2nd.


Promo Post (if any)- 10 AM
Weekly Reading Plans- 4 PM
Music Mondays- 10 PM

Promo Post (if any)- 10 AM
Weekly Featured Book- 4 PM
Weekly Weight Loss Journal- 10 PM

Promo Post (if any)- 10 AM
Weekly Colorist Project- 4 PM
WWW Wednesday- 10 PM

Promo Post (if any)- 10 AM
Thursday Quotables- 4 PM
Thankful Thursday- 10 PM

Promo Post (if any)- 10 AM
The Friday 56- 4 PM
On This Day- 10 PM

Promo Post (if any)- 10 AM
Weekly Writing Prompt- 4 PM
Weekly Book Reviews- 10 PM

Promo Post (if any)- 10 AM
Sundays in Bed With- 4 PM
Book Photo Sundays- 10 PM

I’m appreciative to all those who have been so supportive of me no matter what. The fact that you take time out of your busy day to read my blogs is just so amazing. I’m going to work on getting better at reading more blogs. If you interact with mine, I will be interacting with yours as well. I’m here to make friends with people who have the same passions as me. Connections that will lead to wonderful bonds. I’m thankful for the ones I’ve already started making.

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