Thankful Thursdays: February 10th

I don’t know if anybody else has made this a thing. I also don’t know if anybody else will do this with me. If not, it’s completely fine. It’s something I want to do every week. I’m going to think of at least one thing I’m thankful for for the week. I’ll try to do up to four a week, but at least one. I think this will be very therapeutic. We shall see in time.

Note: There may be some things that get repeated now and then. My intention is to talk about things I’m thankful for that week. So some things may pop up a few times. I’m not attempting to be redundant or repetitive. Just trying to be genuine.

  1. Being able to buy things for those I care about. At one point, I wasn’t able to do that. It made me feel bad. I once thought that gift giving could have been my love language. I love giving those I love gifts. My love language is quality time. Which makes sense. I do love spending time with my loved ones.
  2. New book releases. I know this one is a bit silly, but I was so excited when three books released on the same day. Two of them were released in audio only. The other formats were already released. One was released in all formats. I was just so excited they were released and so thankful that I was able to grab them.
  3. Making up my time. I missed a couple of days of work due to my health. Both times, I have been able to make up my time with overtime. I’m so thankful for that. The best part was that my team lead hasn’t once said anything to make me feel like I should be ashamed for being sick like previous jobs did.
  4. Talking about television shows all day long. I work for a popular streaming service. Most of the calls I get are troubleshooting and cancelation calls. No matter what the call, most of the time I’m able to bring up or talk about television shows. I’ve learned so much about shows I didn’t know about. I’ve educated some about shows I love. It’s just amazing. I feel blessed.

What are some things you’re thankful for?

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