Weekly Weight Loss Journal: A Fresh Start

Last year, I was part of a blog thing. I haven’t seen any evidence that it is a thing this year. I still want to do something weekly to keep track of my weight loss progress. So I’m going to go ahead and make a Weekly Weight Loss Journal. I will have it go on my blog the same time and day that the previous one did. I’ll even put it in the same category as well. I hope you all enjoy. I’d love to see your progress if you’re on a weight loss journey too!


  1. Burn 500 Calories A Day
  2. 15 Active Minutes A Day
  3. 5,000 Steps A Day
  4. 100 Ounces Of Water A Day

I will repost the goals in every blog and write a couple paragraphs about my struggles and triumphs for the week. I will also share my progress on the goals for each day like I had. I am doing a reset so to speak as I took the final month of the year off. I am looking forward to making great progress this year!

NOTE NOTE NOTE! I was struggling for awhile with a lot of things in life. Finances. Menalt Health. Body issues. I decided it would be better to do a reset and start all over. I’m still keeping the same goals, but it all starts this week. I will start posting my daily results next week.

Current Weight: 230.4

I’m actually quite happy that I lost weight during my time in a dark period. Only four pounds, but still!

Feel free to share your progress if you’re comfortable with it!

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