Cinema Sunday: February 6th

This is one that may not get posted often in all honesty. I don’t watch much television, but I just couldn’t find it in me to replace this with something else. Some weeks may be redundant because I like to watch shows from episode one to the finale. Some posts may be short if I’ve only watched one thing. I will do my best with it.

Valley Stream Chef Competes on Beat Bobby Flay

I haven’t really watched a lot of television this week in all honesty. I think I watched like 6-8 episodes all in one sitting. I really love these episodes!

Guy's Chance of a Lifetime (TV Series 2022– ) - IMDb

It appears I was right about this week’s episode being the last episode. It was very jam packed! I’m happy with who won.

What television shows and movies have you been enjoying lately?

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