Writing Prompt: Write About Being Friends With Someone

Note: I will be alternating writing prompts and journal prompts. One week I’ll do a random journal prompt I find online and the next I’ll do a writing prompt. I’m not sure if I’ll do the writing prompts based on two words like I did before or look the prompts up. I may even be open to suggestions for both.

Blog Prompt: Write about being friends with someone.

I met an amazing person at my very first at-home job. We were both placed in the same chat position shift. They had two shifts. We were put on a server to chat while we worked on chats. When we were introducing ourselves, she demanded pictures of our pets. She said: pics or they don’t exist. I knew immediately that she and I were going to get along great. I wasn’t wrong.

When the chat position ended and we both wound up no longer with the company, I was so worried that we would lose touch. I was worried that she would eventually stop reaching out to me. It’s happened with previous co-workers I’ve gotten close to. Needless to say, I’m forever grateful that not only have we stayed in touch, but we’ve also grown close. She’s one of my best friends. She knows when I need her most.

Sadly, we’ve never met in person. That doesn’t make our friendship any less real to me. I plan to go visit her one day. I’m so glad she and I met. I couldn’t imagine a world without her in it. It’s one of the few gains I feel like I had with that job.

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