Sundays in Bed With… When You Get the Chance (Again) and Warheart

Hosted by: Midnight Book Girl

When You Get the Chance: A Novel by [Emma Lord]

While I’ve made great progress with this, I’ve had my head stuck in games. Most of the reading I’ve done has been audiobook lately. With luck, I plan to get this book finished by the end of the day. It’s really cute and quirky. There’s a chance I won’t. I’m a little under halfway done with the book. We will see!

Warheart: Sword of Truth - The Conclusion - A Richard and Kahlan Novel by [Terry Goodkind]

This is the audiobook I plan to listen to today. Ideally, I’d like to be finished with this book as well. I am both ready to be done with this series and sad to see it go. If you’ve read this series, I’m sure you understand. If you haven’t, I fully encourage you to read the series. It is a very long series. All of the books are very long. They are worth it though. So worth it!

What book are you enjoying today?

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