Weekly Game Chat: January 7th

I last posted in this about two weeks ago. I haven’t really been gaming gaming. I have gotten some game time in every day. I have played more on Criminal Case. I’ve even started getting all my point chests for Yahtzee with buddies. There’s so much less stress with gaming these days. I do want some more time with my Switch, but that will happen.

Guns of Glory Game Guide - Tips, Tricks, and Strategy - Gamer Empire

We have actually moved to a bigger alliance. It’s not something I really thought we would do. I kept my alt in our previous alliance. She was actually made the Alliance owner. If anything goes sideways, at least I know that we will be able to return to the Alliance. So far it’s working out really well.

New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Android Gameplay - YouTube

I lost a lot of games due to putting this game on the back burner. It was kind of sobering. I take the time every day to get the points needed for the day. I also make it a point to play all the games at least every other day. I’m trying to remain involved in Family shenanigans as well. Maybe I’ll get more rewards doing things this way!

Word Craze Answers Updated November 2021

This game I’m not doing much with at all. I get on and do the daily puzzle and that’s about it. Once in a while, I’ll play the regular puzzles.

Criminal Case: City of Romance #17 - It All Comes to a Head Full Case -  YouTube

I’ve actually been playing all of these versions quite a bit lately. I spent three days going through the rounds. It took like the entire day. I’ll probably scale back to playing on these games a few times a week. I haven’t decided yet. We will see.

That’s all I’ve really played lately. I have bought a few games that were on sale around Christmas. I haven’t really tried them yet. They look really good. Some of them are very nostalgic. I’ll keep a better log of gameplay so I have more to report!

What games are you into lately?

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