Cinema Sunday: January 2nd

I haven’t really been posting this lately. Mainly because all I’ve really watched lately is Chopped. I will get better at posting it. Well, obviously I won’t post on weeks I didn’t watch anything, but I digress.

Watch Alex vs America - Season 1 | Prime Video

This is a really brand new show. As far as I know, there’s only one episode on streaming to date. I saw it and I had to watch it immediately. Alex is one of my favorite chefs of all time! She’s also an amazing judge as well! I found recently that she makes a pretty good host as well. This show reminds me of a mix of Iron Chef, Chopped, and Cutthroat Kitchen.

Chopped Is Heading to Houston for a Casting Call | Houstonia Magazine

The last time I made a blog, I was on season six. I am now on season sixteen. I just started the season yesterday. They are pretty short seasons in all fairness. I’m really enjoying the show very much. Obviously. I’ve been wanting to watch this show from the beginning for a very long time. I’m glad I’m finally able to.

How to Watch the 2021 Times Square New Year's Eve Ball Drop

This is how I spent my New Year’s Eve. That and being sad over the news of Betty White. I mean I knew she wasn’t going to live forever. I was rooting for her hitting her hundredth birthday though. I mean she was so close! From what I understand, she was just eighteen days shy! I wasn’t really as into the show as I would have been on New Year’s Eve. I also was far from impressed with Avril’s performance. I’m still a huge fan. I still have a HUGE crush, but I wanted more!!!

What television shows and movies have you been enjoying lately?

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