Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books I Read In 2021

It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday! Thanks Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl for creating this meme.

This Week’s Topic: Best Books I Read In 2021

I thought this would be a lot harder than it was. I was convinced that I would pick way more than ten and then have to spend time narrowing it down. I didn’t have to. This was surprisingly very easy for me. That says a lot to me considering I read a lot of amazing reads this year. There were ones that just really stood out to me as I was going through the books though.

I almost didn’t count the giver considering that this wasn’t my first time reading it. For the Eyre Affair, I’m including the first three books in this because all three have been so wonderful. I can say the same for Heartstopper. In fact, I can’t wait for the fourth to be released!

The Lost Apothecary was such a beautiful read. I just can’t really do it justice. It wasn’t a shock to me when I found out it was a 2021 finalist really. The High Mountain Court was remarkable and I can’t wait to read other books by this author. The Cellar is another reread for me, but it hit me just as much as it did the first time I read it. I should also note that I actually listened to it this time around.

There was also another Paranormals of Avynwood book I read this year that I would consider a favorite read for the year. This is just one of my favorite series of all time. I absolutely love it. The My Life as an Album series will catch you in your feels. I haven’t read every book in the series yet, but I plan to. They are all so beautiful! I’ve read Into the Shadows and Out of the Shadows. I really do need to read the third book in the series. I think I’m wanting to actually read the first two so I can read the third. I had listened to the first two the first time around.

I won’t say that this book was my favorite book of the year. Honestly, I just can’t choose with that. However, this one did stand out the most to me. It really hit home for me in ways I can’t even explain. It was also very quippy and funny. That’s not to say it didn’t drag me through the feels at all. There’s a Youtuber who I watched that said it was a little too spicy. I disagree with that. There were parts that alluded to moments, but they weren’t graphic or explicit at all about the scenes.

I’d love to see yours! Please feel free to put your link in the comments!

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