2022 Bookish Reading Goals

It’s hard to believe that we are less than two weeks away from the new year. I wanted to go ahead and plan out my goals for next year. If I don’t, time will slip away from me. I’m definitely no stranger to letting time get away from me. Anybody else planning their reading year out?

Reading Goals:

  1. One nonfiction book a month
  2. One LGBTQIA book a month
  3. One Graphic Novel a month
  4. One Book of the Month book a month
  5. Read more Netgalley books
  6. Read more book subscription books
  7. Try to be better at following reading schedule for ARCs

Review Goals:

  1. Review as close to finishing the book as I can
  2. Get in habit of reviewing across platforms. Including Amazon review account
  3. Get in habit of doing video reviews

Posting Goals:

  1. Get better at posting updates
  2. Start making graphics for my reading progress
  3. Interact with more people on mine and their posts

Reading Routine Ideas:

  1. One ebook for work/bedtime. I can read between calls and I’m trying to get to where I lay down an hour early and read until I fall asleep.
  2. One physical book/ebook.
  3. One audiobook.

Lately I’ve been attempting to read multiple books at once. It’s drug my reading down drastically. I’m thinking if I cut it down to the three listed that I will pick up speed a bit.

What are some of your goals for next year?

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