Weekly Game Chat: December 17th

I have finally found a way to carve time to play some games. I’ve even had some time to play some criminal case games! Still need to get better at taking screenshots and notes for the games. I’ll get there. Maybe if people are interested, I’ll start filming my gameplay and sharing clips of them here. I haven’t really touched my Switch lately, but progress is progress!

Guns of Glory Game Guide - Tips, Tricks, and Strategy - Gamer Empire

I haven’t really gotten too far along on this game. I do log on every day. I did recently get to castle 27 on one account and 22 on the other. I also now have the highest armor set on my main. At least the current highest. I am trying hard to make sure I get on every day to do at least the daily tasks.

New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Android Gameplay - YouTube

I messed up badly with this one. I went too many days without playing and lost a ton of my games. I had a lot of games going so it was kind of a blow. Hoping to be able to build them back up in time. I also haven’t really been contributing to the family feast or games much. I’m working on getting better at this.

Word Craze Answers Updated November 2021

I don’t really play this game too much, but I do get on every day to at least get the daily puzzle game done. I’m hoping one day I will have downtime and want to fly through the levels. At least I know I’ve been racking up quite a bit of boosts for when I do!

Criminal Case: City of Romance #17 - It All Comes to a Head Full Case -  YouTube

There are eight versions of this game. I play them all. Rather than talk about them all individually, I’m going to write a bit about them all in one. For months, I’ve only been logging on to do my daily spins. I’ve accumulated quite a bit of boosts and energy. Not that they sync across all devices used, but I digress. I recently downloaded them all to my MacBook. My energy didn’t sync. Rather than being upset, I’m taking advantage of this. When I have the time to do it, I’m doing the daily spins on my MacBook and running the energy out while I’m there. This way I’m making progress on all eight games. Eventually, I’ll use the energy I’ve accumulated on other devices. For now, this works. And I move forward a bit.

Tell me about your gameplay!

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