Written In the Stars Anthology Spotlight: Maria Vermisoglou

Written in the Stars Author: Maria Vermisoglou

Interview With Maria Vermisoglou:

Tell us what prompted you to start the series? Be as detailed as you want. 

It was actually part of a shared world anthology. An academy of species where each author wrote the story of a species but kept the big events same for each story. I chose the mermen despite the fact (at the time) I thought them limited. I mean, they could only swim, right? Nope. I soon discovered mermen had amazing skills. Magic is a big factor in their lives, but they can have feet and live like humans. If you don’t mind having a hot roommate with blue skin, who’s addicted to water. 

How did you feel as you were writing the first book? Has that feeling changed between then and now? If so, how?

Very insecure and filled with energy. While at times, I feel insecure or “what have I done?” but I mostly feel strong and determined. And irritated at what my characters got themselves mixed up with. Lol. 

How many times have you had a specific idea for the story but it has been derailed because the characters decide to go a different way?

I’m a pantser so that’s a usual occurrence and the reason I never plan. The few times I’ve planned, my characters thought they were guidelines they could ignore. I have specific ideas like Yuri has ocean powers that are uncontrollable, but I never plan step-by-step scenes because it’s pointless. My characters will just ignore them. As irritating as this is, my characters have good ideas and the most interesting twists. 

What was the most difficult part in writing the series?

Keep the information consistent. I have to consult the map and the previous book to make sure this is actually what I said before.

If you could give advice to anybody else considering writing a series, what advice would you give?

Be prepared to deal with lots of papers and notes flying around and an exploding head. Don’t do it unless you really are prepared to dive into chaos. Series are tough.

About the Author:

Maria Vermisoglou is an International Bestselling author of fantasy and paranormal with an obsession for witches. She loves throwing her heroes into impossible situations. Maria draws inspiration from books, travel, and…the ceiling. (So blame the ceiling!)
Maria started writing when the stories she read became too boring and the voices in her mind too loud.
When she’s not writing, she loves a good riding on the fantasy dragon, but a book can also be exciting, along with a cup of tea.
Nowadays, you can find her in Athens, exploring the mysteries of the ancient world.
You can stay up to date with my releases and contact me through my website: https://maraki2311.wixsite.com/creativequill/

Follow me everywhere: https://linktr.ee/StarsBooksAndTea

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