Readathon News: AYearAThon and December Readathons

Disclaimer: These Readathons are not owned or run by me. I find them by searching the month and year on Google. My main source has been Little Book Owl.

Weekly Readathons:

AYearAThon: This month’s readathon will be December 13th-19th. The theme for this month is Graphic Novels(Comics)/Mangas/Short Stories.

Ongoing Readathons:

Christmas Spirit Readathon: This readathon takes place from November 25th to January 6th. It looks really fun. The group hosting the readathon always host some of the best readathons in my opinions. Most of them are held for the entire month. Some are held for two weeks. I’d suggest following the blog to keep up with their upcoming readathons.

December Monthly Readathons:

25 Days of Manga: There’s not really much to go on, but it seems pretty straightforward. Spend the first 25 days of the month reading as much manga as you possibly can.
Merry Bookmas Readathon: The event takes place the entire month. It looks like they have their challenges posted for it on the Twitter page. It looks pretty laid back.

Know of any readathons going on this week that I don’t have listed? Feel free to share! Tell me the readathon you’re most excited for!

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