True Crime and Conspiracy Theories: The Zodiac Killer

Note: When summarizing the case, I’m only going to add a paragraph or two. I don’t feel comfortable going into too many details when people have worked hard writing articles about these. I’ll give my brief summary and link or links to the articles I got the information from so that anybody can go back and read up on it themselves.

Special Note: I’m very sorry for not posting the past two weeks. I’ve been all over the place and really just didn’t have a lot of time to research for the blog. I don’t like giving sloppy or hasty blogs, so I decided to wait until I could devote more time to this.

This Week’s Topic: The Zodiac Killer


The Zodiac Killer is known for his killing spree lasting from December 1968 to October 1969. He started sending letters and cryptic messages to newspapers owning to the crimes he’d committed. He claimed 37 victims total. None of the rest of the murders have been proven. One of the messages he sent wasn’t deciphered until 2020.

In October 2021, a group called The Case Breakers believe they may have named The Zodiac Killer. They believe his name was Gary Francis Poste. There are many theoretical reasons to believe that he is the Zodiac Killer. From his behaviors to certain similar characteristics in appearance. Poste has passed away in 2018.



My Thoughts:

There is not a doubt in my mind that The Zodiac Killer killed the 37 people he claimed to kill. If you look at the confirmed cases, they are all cold and calculated. I’m kind of shocked that further investigations on other cold cases in the area haven’t uncovered the links confirming them to The Zodiac Killer. I also wouldn’t be shocked if I found that unsolved cases in other states were linked to him as well.

One thing that really struck me as odd was the different modes of killing. There was one couple that was stabbed. It just makes you wonder. I have two theories on this. Either it was personal and the real reason behind all the killings. Like the others were killed to throw off suspicion. The other theory I have is that there may have been two Zodiac Killers. This one is a bit far-fetched. I’m not fully invested in that one. It just strikes me as odd as all.

I don’t have a lot of thoughts on Poste being named as the Zodiac Killer. I’d really like to read more on why he’s thought to be the killer. It’s not like he can confirm or deny this since he is dead. I haven’t really read enough on the matter to give my full opinion. I have my doubts. I won’t lie. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to research more into it eventually.

Comment any suggestions or recommendations you have!

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