Wednesday Book Sale: December 1st

Notes to mention:

  1. Please pay attention to the price before you buy it. I know I have all the prices listed on the blog, but that doesn’t mean they will be that price when you read this blog.
  2. If I leave out a link on the graphic, please let me know so I can get on and correct it.
  3. Enjoy and happy reading!
Balance Threatened: Unyielding Fates Series Book One (Unyielding Fates Trilogy 1) by [Jenn D. Young]
$0.99 until Sunday at the end of the day!
Veil of Secrecy (Shadows Book 1) by [RM Alexander]
$0.99 for the entire month of December

Know or have a book that’s currently free or discounted? Message me and I’ll get it on the next book sale segment! Just send me the link and the length of sale!

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