Written in the Stars Anthology Spotlight: Kelly Violet

Written in the Stars Author: Kelly Violet

Interview with Kelly Violet:

Tell us what prompted you to start the series? Be as detailed as you want. 

When I first got serious about writing novels, the romance subgenre that spoke to me the most was new adult. It had angst and growing pains that I could identify with in one way or another. One day I was watching a film and one of the protagonists was reciting this epic poem that really resonated with me. The idea for The Names You Call Me was born. After publishing this NA second chance college romance, I realized that I needed to spotlight Rae and Xander’s friendship more. That’s how The Love You Give Me prequel came about.

How did you feel as you were writing the first book? Has that feeling changed between then and now? If so, how?

Well, I was actually going through a difficult time while I wrote these stories, and they helped while I worked through some things. I got back to writing poems (found in The Names You Call Me) which was something I used to do in my teens. In some ways, these particular stories started me on the healing process from my past and recent hurts. I think that’s also true for all of the books I write. They all have small pieces of me woven into the pages.

How many times have you had a specific idea for the story but it has been derailed because the characters decide to go a different way?

I can’t say that that happens to me often. The characters for Rae and Xander came to me and were pretty solid in my mind, and the words flowed from there.

What was the most difficult part in writing the series?

These stories deal with a couple heavy issues that many people may have experienced in their lifetime. I wanted to make sure that these characters were as real as possible while staying true to their struggles and their perceptions of the world and how they move through it, particularly for Rae.  

If you could give advice to anybody else considering writing a series, what advice would you give?

It’s probably the same advice that most authors would give. Make sure that you map out as much as you can. That includes the characters and their personality traits (including secondary and tertiary characters), the setting, and any conflicts that will happen on and off the page. It will give you a good sense for the trajectory of each story and help you figure out where your main characters will end up and why.

About The Author:

Kelly Violet is a born-and-raised New Yorker, living in a California world. A voracious romance reader, she published her first novel, Touch Me Softly, in December 2017. You can expect her stories to be angsty and gut-wrenching, fun and flirty, or just downright naughty. Music and dancing are her go-to outlets. If there’s a party and dance floor (optional), rest assured that she will be one of the first people to bust a move.  

Kelly loves to hear from readers. Connect with her on her various social media sites.


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